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Puerto Rico gov’t health plan contracting centralized

By on June 29, 2018

SAN JUAN – In a statement Friday, Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority (AAFAF) announced that, beginning Jan. 1, the negotiation and contracting of health insurance plans for public employees, including those working in public corporations, will be centralized, in accordance with Act 26 of 2017.

AAFAF Executive Director Gerardo Portela Franco said an administrative order was issued instructing public corporations to participate in the process being carried out by the Health Insurance Administration (ASES) for employees of the central government under Act 95 of 1963.

“This initiative allows negotiation and contracting on a larger scale, which is expected to generate efficiencies and savings, while maintaining the same services and benefits for public employees,” Portela said.

The official noted that the measure does not affect the employer contribution made by the Government of Puerto Rico and public corporations for the payment of employee health insurance plans.

The measure “is another additional step that directs the Government toward fiscal responsibility, while making the implementation of mobility and the concept of a single employer feasible,” Portela added.

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