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Puerto Rico gov’t presents 5 reorganization plans

By on January 9, 2018

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico Public Affairs Secretary Ramón Rosario revealed Monday five reorganization plans included under the New Government Act that will impact more than 25 executive branch programs and agencies.

The first plan will allow the creation of the Public Service Regulatory Board, which will combine the Telecommunications Regulatory Board; the Public Service Commission; the Energy Commission; the Energy Administration and the Independent Office of Consumer Protection (formerly known as the Consumer Affairs Department).

This board will have three telecommunications, transportation and energy committees directed by one commissioner.

Meanwhile, the Labor Department will create an Auxiliary Labor Relations Office, which will address Public Service Appeals Commission, the Labor Relations Board, and Investigation, Processing and Appeals Commission cases.

The Higher Education Council will be eliminated and its functions will be taken over by the Education Department.

The Economic Development & Commerce Department (DDEC by its Spanish initials), meanwhile, will consolidate the Industrial Tax Exemption Office, the State Public Energy Policy Office, the Regional Center Corporation, and the Permits & Endorsements Management Office, which will assume the function of issuing Conservation and Development of Culebra Authority permits.

The Trade and Export Co. and the Tourism Co. will eventually be included. The Statistics Institute will also be joined to ultimately be turned into a private entity.

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Another of the changes concerns the Model Forest, which will expedite the creation of the Trust so the Natural Resources Department take on oversight of the project.

The approved statute establishes that the plans will be introduced in the Legislative Assembly to be passed or rejected within 30 days.

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