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Puerto Rico Gov’t Seeks Commercial Ties with Panama

By on March 10, 2016

Víctor A. Suárez Meléndez, secretary of the Puerto Rico State Department, and Puerto Rico Trade & Export Co. Executive Director Francisco Chévere met on Wednesday with the chief executive of the World Bank in Panama, Anabela Abreu, to discuss strategies that would allow the participation of Puerto Rican companies in projects financed by the World Bank in Panama.

panama tradeThe World Bank finances and invests about 300 million dollars a year in Panama on infrastructure and social projects. Bidding processes regulated the bank provide a secure environment to potential Puerto Rican companies interested in bidding for such projects, which in turn will further encourage the development of trade ties between the two countries, said a representative for the Puerto Rico delegation.

Officials pointed out that the World Bank is focusing on projects meant to address basic needs in Panama, such as water management. They also stressed that it is a unique opportunity for companies to make Puerto Rican infrastructure projects in Panama.

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