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Puerto Rico Groups Prepare for Sea Turtle Nesting Season

By on March 5, 2016

SAN JUAN — Volunteers from across Puerto Rico are discussing ways to reduce risks to endangered sea turtles as the massive creatures start arriving on island shores for a nesting season that runs through summer.

tinglar turtle

A leatherback sea turtle, or tinglar in Spanish

Commonwealth Natural Resources Secretary Carmen Guerrero lauded the volunteers during a Saturday gathering for spending their nights and early mornings patrolling beaches to protect and document the sea turtle nests.

The groups monitor beaches across Puerto Rico and at San Juan’s Condado and Isla Verde tourist areas. They documented a record 2,013 turtle nests in 2014 and expect 2016 to be very active because nesting activity surges every other year.

The volunteers also said they would develop a database and digital library on sea turtles in Puerto Rico.

They are trained by government certified marine biologists.


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