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Puerto Rico Health Department: 278 additional Covid-19 cases but no new fatalities

By on July 27, 2020

SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico Health Department did not report any new deaths caused from COVID-19; however, 179 confirmed cases and 99 additional probable cases were registered.

On Monday, the number of confirmed cases to date was 5,416, of whom 2,721 are women and 2,695 men. The cases were confirmed from positive PCR, or diagnostic, test results collected July 13-24.
Ninety-nine probable cases were registered from serological test results collected July 14-24.

Cases are deemed probable when they meet clinical or vital records criteria and epidemiologic evidence but have not been tested for Covid-19 or only meet presumptive laboratory evidence for the disease, which is the case for antibody, or serology, testing, given their margin of error and potential to produce false positive results.

The number of probable cases totals 10,015, or “5,464 women and 4,550 men; one case remains under investigation” with regard to the ​​sex, according to the department.

Without additional fatalities, the total confirmed deaths remain at 99 and the probable ones add up to 102, for a total 201 deaths to date.

Summary of the Department of Health report:

  • Additional confirmed cases: 179
  • Total confirmed cases: 5,416
  • Additional probable cases: 99
  • Total probable cases: 10,015
  • Additional confirmed deaths: 0
  • Total confirmed deaths: 99
  • Additional probable deaths: 0
  • Total Probable Deaths: 102
  • Total deaths reported: 201

For more information, visit www.statuscovid19.pr.gov.

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