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Puerto Rico Health Dept. registers 537 positive COVID-19 test results

By on July 6, 2020

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SAN JUAN – The Department of Health report did not register any new deaths from COVID-19 on Sunday; however, 204 cases of the disease were confirmed and 333 additional probable cases were added.

Confirmed cases are those with a positive PCR, or molecular, test result, while probable cases are registered so when a serological test was administered.

The number of deaths confirmed as having been caused by Covid-19 remains 60 to date, while the number of so-called probable deaths, or ones registered as such by a health professional given the patient’s condition at the time of death, total 95, for a total of 155 deaths on the island.

The test results of the confirmed COVID-19 cases were from 1,030 women and 1,041 men.
“The total number of confirmed cases was adjusted to 2,071, after adding 21 cases: two previously reported as probable and that subsequently had a positive molecular test on April 8 and May 19. Similarly, 19 cases were added with a sample collection date of March 26 to June 19,” the Health Department said.

Regarding serological testing, 333 additional probable cases were registered, for a total to date of 6,514, “after being adjusted, by subtracting eight that had a positive molecular test, later,” the department explained. “Two of these cases were added to previously confirmed cases and six were added to cases registered as part of this report. On the other hand, 119 probable cases were added with sample dates from April 13 to June 18. Probable cases are divided into 3,480 women and 3,034 men.”

Summary of the Department of Health report:

  • Additional confirmed cases: 204
  • Total confirmed cases: 2,071
  • Additional probable cases: 333
  • Total probable cases: 6,514
  • Additional confirmed deaths: 0
  • Total confirmed deaths: 60
  • Additional probable deaths: 0
  • Total probable deaths: 95
  • Total deaths reported: 155

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