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Puerto Rico Hosts Virtual Educa Weeklong Conference

By on June 20, 2016

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico will host this week, June 20-24, the 17th edition of Virtual Educa, an international forum, which was organized in coordination with the departments of State and Education and the Telecommunications Regulatory Board, government agencies, local universities, international institutions and multinational companies related to education and innovation such as Google, Microsoft, Softex and Intel will be actively involved.

An initiative promoted by the Organization of American States (OAS), Virtual Educa highlights the benefits of innovation in the field of education through multilateral cooperation.

ve-puertorico2016-top_foroThis is the second time in the past four years that the platform for international organizations and governments, academia, corporations and civil society is held in Puerto Rico.

Education Secretary Rafael Román Meléndez, which is acting as interim governor while Gov. Alejandro García Padilla in in New York, will be inaugurating the forum along with Neil Parsan, OAS executive secretary for Integral Development; Peruvian Vice President Marisol Espinoza; and the secretary general of Virtual Educa, José María Antón.

Peru's vice president, Marisol Espinoza, right, looks over a student's reading material.

Peru’s vice president, Marisol Espinoza, right, looks over a student’s reading material.

“Virtual Educa Puerto Rico represents a model of hemispheric inclusion in which the Caribbean and Central and North America will meet to reinforce the most innovative education alternatives,” Secretary-General Antón said.

Hundreds of public school students will participate in the opening ceremony, which will include a performance in which the island’s history is presented to the invited countries.

When announcing the event, Gov. Alejandro García Padilla highlighted the convention’s positive impact on the island’s economy, noting the high occupancy registered for the event’s dates in the hotels located within the Convention Center District in Miramar.

Some 350 representatives of multilateral organizations, government officials, parliamentarians, educational leaders, academics and scientists from about 20 countries are included in the estimated 7,000 people who are expected to take part in the event.

García Padilla also said the convention offers an opportunity for his administration to showcase “the projects we have been developing, against all odds, in areas such as research, science, technology, innovation, Internet connectivity, distance education, and technical education for the aviation and aerospace industries.”

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