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Puerto Rico House Speaker wants Congress to consider island a domestic jurisdiction

By on November 30, 2017

Speaker Carlos ‘Johnny’ Méndez (Juan J. Rodríguez / CB)

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico House Speaker Carlos “Johnny” Méndez on Thursday spoke about the language he would like approved for the island in the U.S. tax reform underway.

“I still hope Puerto Rico will be included as a domestic jurisdiction. But at the same time, they have to give us special treatment because there is a maxim that says there can be no taxation without representation. That is why we have to receive special treatment, because without representation in Congress, all federal tax laws cannot be applied to us,” Méndez relied to a question from the press.

“We have to be in a better position than the one they want to put us in, which is like a foreign nation. And at the same time with a 20 percent tax rate that will cause Puerto Rico to lose more than 150,000 jobs,” he added.

Replying to question about what kind of special treatment the island should have, he said, “We basically want it to stay the same, paying the 4% tax, but being domestic. We want equality, but since we don’t have that, then give us preferential treatment.”

El proyecto de Reforma Tributaria federal fue aprobado por la Cámara de Representantes federal el jueves, 16 de noviembre con 227 votos a favor y 205 en contra. Se espera que en los próximos días el Senado vote sobre su versión de la medida, lo cual forzará un Comité de Conferencias, en el cual se espera se atiendan las enmiendas en el lenguaje sobre Puerto Rico.

The Unified Republican Tax Reform plan is advancing through Congress. The House approved its bill, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, in a 227-205 vote Nov. 16. The Senate is expected to vote on its version this week and amendments to the language for Puerto Rico are expected when the chambers go to conference committee.

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