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Puerto Rico inn owners called to meet in Capitol to strengthen tourism

By on January 10, 2018

SAN JUAN – With the objective of drafting promotional strategies abroad to strengthen the tourism market in Puerto Rico’s western region, Rep. Maricarmen Mas Rodríguez announced a meeting with parador and small-inn owners slated for Jan. 25 in the island’s Capitol.

In a press release, the legislator for District 19 of Mayagüez and San Germán, maintained that “Puerto Rico is going through a very complicated phase, but the genuine desire to improve everything that in one way or another contributes to the recovery of tourism in the west links us. We need to do much more for people to return to our region, and the time to act is now. ”

Mas Rodríguez sent a letter to Jesús Ramos Puente, president of the Parador Owners and Tourism Association, convening the group for a meeting in her legislative office in the House Annex, “to draw up new, concrete and viable plans to attract North American tourists again.”

The Window Cave in Arecibo (CB file)

“Hurricanes Irma and María have left us in a precarious position as far as tourism is concerned. That’s why we need to do more. Right now, the eastern part of the nation is experiencing one of its worst winters on record, and although many would like to come to Puerto Rico to enjoy its beaches, many attractions and the weather, they do not know what to expect because they still have images in their minds of the devastation caused by those hurricanes. We are going to change all that. This meeting will be for that, to discuss real points and implement them quickly and effectively,” the representative added.

Mas Rodríguez believes an effective campaign could encourage more travelers to visit the western area of Puerto Rico beginning in February.

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