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Puerto Rico Investment Summit to showcase opportunities

By on February 9, 2018

Editor’s note: The following article originally appeared in the Feb. 8-14 print edition of Caribbean Business.

The fifth edition of the Puerto Rico Investment Summit that kicks off Feb. 12 in San Juan will focus on new business possibilities on the island after the devastating Hurricane Maria passed across Puerto Rico last year. The event was slated for October 2017, but the conditions in Puerto Rico just weeks after storm led to its postponement until 2018.

“In the end, it has been very interesting because we have been able to work on new approaches that were not contemplated in the beginning of 2017,” said Brenda González, president of the Investment Summit.

This time, the themes of renewable energy and blockchain technologies will be highlights of the event.

The Puerto Rico Investment Summit was created in 2013 to promote the various incentives that Puerto Rico has to offer to attract investment to the island. In principle, it was understood that it was aimed at foreign investors who would benefit from Acts 20 and 22; however, each day there are more local entrepreneurs who attend the event to learn about available incentives, while they also use the opportunity to network with potential business partners.

“Some people think this is just for the foreign investor but it’s not. The themes are relevant to both the investors who come from abroad to do business on the island and the local investor who has a new enterprise and does not know how to benefit from existing incentives. The event has an educational element, but we also try to give some space for networking. That way, attendants can share in a less formal atmosphere and establish connections that will serve them in their businesses,” González said.

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