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Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association holds 2nd Industrial Women congress

By on December 13, 2018

SAN JUAN – At a ballroom in Hotel San Juan, dozens of women stood barefoot and with their eyes closed as they moved their hands from the shoulder down as if cutting into the air in an effort to clean their spiritual auras.

It was not a New Age or Zen conference but an activity of the Women’s Chapter of the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA) that gathered wellness experts to teach professional women to strengthen their inner self.

The ever-increasing pace of work makes it harder to keep up, thus meditation techniques help to reduce stress and increase productivity at work.

“Our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being takes a special place when we speak about redefining success. During our congress, we will listen to spectacular speakers who will share their experience and knowledge to help us understand better our inner self and learn how to nurture our bodies and our wisdom,” PRMA Women’s Chapter President Elizabeth Plaza said.

Linda Clemons, a body language expert and CEO of Sisterpreneur Inc., spoke about the importance of letting go of toxic thoughts and of maintaining a positive attitude. Looking much younger than her 61 years, her enthusiasm is contagious.

Clemons said she spent seven days in a coma due to the anesthesia she was administered for a simple surgical procedure. When she woke from the coma, she “realized life is too short and I am too blessed to be stressed…. Do not allow anything negative to reign free in your mind,” she said.

Mayra Rodríguez-Mohamed, president and CEO of Reiki Institute of Puerto Rico, gave a presentation, titled “Beyond Success: Learning the Art of Awakening Your Inner Power.” She asked the audience, a majority of which were women, to stand and try to connect with the energy by closing their eyes and opening their hearts.

“While you disconnect yourself from external noise and make a connection with your heart, try to inhale light, peace and love and exhale worries and stress,” she said.

She also taught the audience exercises to deal with stress. One technique involves bringing down ones arm, in a cutting motion, while tightening one’s buttocks.

Yaisha Vargas, the editor of Mindful Writings and Translation, taught the audience about mindfulness, a mental state achieved by focusing on the present and acknowledging one’s feelings.

“I am not alone. I deserve gentleness, I deserve serenity…. I deserve compassion,” she said as she taught the audience a meditation exercise for self-awareness.

“What is self-compassion? It is to be a friend to ourselves,” she explained.

The attendees followed the exercises and one of them told Caribbean Business that she “truly felt new. I am going to do this more.”

The educational program at the conference includes five conferences and three panels as well as workshops. The congress began with a presentation, “The Thrive Revolution At Work: Redefining The Bottom Line for Our Organizations And Our Lives” by Renee Moorefield, Ph.D. and CEO of Wisdom Works Group, chairwoman of Wellness at Work-Global Wellness Institute Inc. (GWI).

Among the topics addressed, Kathy Wengel, the executive vice president and chief global supply chain officer at Johnson & Johnson, spoke about “Health for Humanity.” In addition, emotion management was discussed by Dr. Patricia Baxter, CEO of Dr. Pat Baxter & Associates LLC, in a talk, titled “Emotions & Mental Wellness: Pathways, Evidence And Horizons.”

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