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Puerto Rico manufacturing entrepreneurs recognized

By on October 11, 2018

SAN JUAN – Eleven local business people were recognized Friday for their outstanding work in the manufacturing sector as part of the activities carried out by Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension Inc. (Primex), Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co. (Pridco) and the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA) to celebrate Manufacturing Week on the island.

The awarded categories were: Business Growth, Supplier Development, Continuous Improvement, Technology Acceleration, Exporters, Quality Standards, Workforce Development, Sustainability and Startups.

“We celebrate these awards annually to recognize the development and growth of the island’s manufacturing companies. We have talented entrepreneurs who, every year, along with our team and engineers trace a goal that we help meet. We are witnesses of the effort of each entrepreneur, and every year we recognize and reward that effort during the celebration of manufacturing week on the island,” Primex Executive Director Migdalia Rosado said.

The entrepreneurs spoke about the effort and commitment of their companies after last year’s hurricanes. (Courtesy)

The winners were: in the Business Category, Gur-Meat Inc., whose president is Mariela Ramos; for Development of Suppliers, Caribbean Produce Exchange, whose president is Gualberto Rodríguez, was recognized; and for Continuous Improvement, PSD Corp., whose president is Nestor Dávila, was recognized.

Meanwhile, in the exports category, the award was conferred to Savorcrafters LLC, presided by José Rivera; and for Quality Standards, M & M Manufacturing, presided by María Meléndez, and Edwin Soto of Perfect Cleaning Services, were given the award.

Meanwhile, in the Work Development category, Congar International Corp., led by Phillippe Bonnin, was given the award; Safetech Corp., whose chief executive is Erick Negrón, won the Sustainability category; and for Startups National Distillery’s Dr. William Cruz was recognized.

The entrepreneurs recognized the effort and commitment of their companies after last year’s hurricanes struck the island.

“In our particular case, we lost production…but right now our farm is at full capacity and ready again to offer our product to the market,” said Yanice Deynes, who was given the Business Acceleration award.

“In the future, Avara will be bringing new clients to impact the future and continue to grow economic development and help Puerto Rico grow,” said Operations Director Idalia M. García, who received the Workforce Development .award

The event was attended by Puerto Rico Assistant Secretary of State Eduardo Arosemena, who read the proclamation of the celebration of Manufacturing Day on the island.

Manufacturing Week, Sept. 24 to Oct. 5 included visits to eight manufacturing companies in the food and beverage, technology, aerospace and pharma sectors, as well as a series of talks at universities that focused on manufacturing and areas such as technology, food, exports and medical devices.

The culmination of the Manufacturing Week saw the participation of Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González, who joined the celebration by recognizing the 11 entrepreneurs on behalf of Congress.

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