Puerto Rico mayor not inclined to become chief of staff

Considers taking vacation leave to help new governor out

SAN JUAN — The mayor of San Sebastián, Puerto Rico, Javier Jiménez, did not make it clear Tuesday whether he will resign to assume a position in Gov. Wanda Vázquez’s cabinet.

“It’s not so easy to change from one day to another and leave certain responsibilities. Yes,…as mayor, I’m available to help in any way we can help,” Jiménez said at a press conference. “We are looking at other different alternatives to how we can help her make the government more agile.”

San Sebastián Mayor Javier Jiménez (Screen capture of www.twitter.com)

The mayor mentioned that he spoke with the governor about the cabinet positions beside chief of staff that remain vacant such as the secretaries of State and Public Affairs. He also said they talked about how the government should be put on track in the remaining 17 months before the gubernatorial elections.

“There is an extraordinary vision on the part of the governor regarding what is transparency, what is governance,” Jiménez said, adding however that he is “inclined to fulfill the mandate given to me by the people of San Sebastián.”

The mayor also did not rule out taking a vacation leave from the mayor’s office to help Vázquez at the La Fortaleza executive mansion.

“It is possible that during this three-month vacation, I can help her direct all this and get a person to subsequently stay,” the mayor said.

He also stressed that Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González was not interested in being secretary of state and “should remain in Washington.”

Vázquez was sworn-in Friday after the Puerto Rico Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the oath of office Pedro Pierluisi took after the resignation of Ricardo Rosselló amid corruption in his administration and the leaked Telegram chat scandal.