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Puerto Rico mayors request meeting with gov to talk about his political future

By on July 11, 2019

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Mayors Federation president says they want to discuss all the issues his administration is facing

SAN JUAN — While at an extraordinary meeting at their headquarters Thursday, the Puerto Rico Mayors Federation, which is made up of the elected New Progressive Party (NPP) municipal heads, these agreed to request a meeting with Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares to discuss the situation his administration is facing and his viability as a candidate for reelection.
“We want to meet with the governor so he gives us the information he has so we…can discuss it with the governor,” Federation President Carlos Molina said.

“When you refer to meet to discuss the issues, is it an explanation to everything that has led to federal arrests and/or the issue of the governor’s re-election?” he was asked.

“We have to talk to the governor about everything. This Federation is telling the governor that we want a meeting to discuss everything that is being made public,” he answered.

“And re-election?” he was asked again asked. “Everything,” he replied.

“But do you think the governor can go to re-election?” the mayor of Arecibo was asked.

“We will not discuss that matter here today. We are going to meet with the governor to discuss all aspects and when we say all aspects, its every aspect. The decision we are going to make is going to be expressed. We are not saying that we are not going to make a decision, we are saying that we want to meet with the governor and we will be making decisions and we will express them, after we meet with him,” Molina stressed.

Fifteen of the 33 NPP mayors attended the meeting, in which they also decided to join the government in defending Act 29 after the island’s fiscal oversight board sued it.

Act 29, the board argues, “will alter, and substantially eliminate, the obligation of Puerto Rico’s municipalities to reimburse the Commonwealth for hundreds of millions of dollars in pension costs for their own retirees and will transfer those costs permanently to the Commonwealth.”

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