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Puerto Rico inns operate uninterrupted during Hurricane Irma

By on September 11, 2017

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico’s paradores, or inns, continued operating during the passage of Hurricane Irma, while they continued to provide special offers for the upcoming season.

During the middle of the weather event, Combate Beach Resort, for instance, launched a $69 a night booking, including parking and continental breakfast .

“Guests from the four corners of Puerto Rico and visitors from the United States, Germany, Spain and France arrived in the hotel for two or three days. For the benefit of our guests, communications were kept running, and they were able to communicate with their families, here and abroad. We also offered a safer shelter to our employees and family members for free, and several used it,” the inn’s owner, Xavier Ramírez, said.

Paradores Extend $75-a-Night Deal Until Sept. 18

“Paradores in Puerto Rico were prepared and ready for the hurricane. Our infrastructure has the most important elements to protect our property, staff and guests during these events. First of all, preventive measures were taken to adequately manage the weather’s inclemencies, and to be able to support our communities, employees and guests for several days after the emergency,” said the president of the Puerto Rico Parador Owners Association, Jesús Ramos.

“In the paradores we are prepared for these situations and we have a water cisterns, power generators, propane gas equipment, ice, and supplies to maintain quality service for several days,” Ramos assured.

Meanwhile, Parador Villas Sotomayor in Adjuntas was prepared and ready to support its guests and staff. Although it saw some damage, as soon as the emergency ended it opened its restaurant to serve the town when very few businesses were open.

Likewise, Parador Boquemar in Cabo Rojo also opened its doors. It was adequately prepared and has been providing continuous service. In addition, it continues to serve as temporary shelter for several families in the town of Boquerón.

The association currently has a $75 a night offer.

“This offer represents up to 40 percent discount and is valid for stays of two nights or more, for two people on weekdays, until Dec. 13, 2017, when reserving before Oct. 31,” the association’s president said.

“When calling, ask about the $75 offer and value-added package at each participating paradore. We add several components to make the offer more attractive,” recommended Ángel Rodríguez, co-owner and operator of Parador Boquemar in Boquerón.

Some inns include continental breakfast and Wi-Fi while others include an “American” breakfast, 2 cups of sangria, a medium-size pizza with soda, one hour on a two-person kayak, or a half hour of horseback riding as part of the offer.

Four of the association’s paradores are participating in the offer: Boquemar and Combate Beach Resort in Cabo Rojo, El Buen Café in Hatillo and Villas Sotomayor in Adjuntas.

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