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Puerto Rico Represented in World Summit of Political Communications

By on May 11, 2016

SAN JUAN– Local political communications & public relations consultant Wanda Nazario will represent Puerto Rico in the World Summit of Political Communications, to be held June 8-10 at the Puerto Madero Catholic University in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Wanda Nazario

The summit will arrive in Buenos Aires for its second time, after being held successfully in México, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador and Dominican Republic.

The event, considered the top political communications workshop in the western hemisphere, will feature 200 speakers and more than 2,000 attendants from 25 countries.

Daniel Ivoskus, president of the summit’s international committee, said the event will gather the world’s most important political consultants, which will discuss topics such as political campaigns, politics and new technologies, the media and public opinion, women and politics and government communications, among others.

Nazario, who participated in last year’s summit held in Lima, Perú, said it was an honor for her to be once again representing Puerto Rico at such an important political marketing event.

“It will be a unique experience for all political communications professionals, since they will have access and gain knowledge from the world’s most important political consultants, exchange experiences and case studies and analyze strategies used in recent campaigns,” Nazario, president of Nazario Communications Group, said.

“Precisely, our participation is more relevant than ever this year, given the local June 5 political primaries. The opportunity to share successful models, different communication methods and bests practices in political marketing during this period is an element that makes this summit a professional workshop without precedent.”

Nazario said this year’s summit structure transcends the topic of political campaigns to also include government communications.

“Many politicians could revalidate in their current posts with much effort if they would execute their actions under the ‘Permanent Campaign’ concept,” Nazario noted.


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