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Puerto Rico resident commissioner: There is no vacancy at governor’s office

By on August 13, 2019

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González (CyberNews)

Rep. González hopes to accompany Gov. Vázquez to the White House, Congress

SAN JUAN — Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González said Tuesday that there is currently no vacancy for the governor’s office.

González gave remarks upon arriving at the La Fortaleza executive mansion to meet with the governor.

“There is a governor for all Puerto Ricans, so there’s work to do. The people of Puerto Rico want to get out of the uncertainty; the people of Puerto Rico want to get out of the crisis, and what needs to be done is help work on that,” González replied to questions from the press.

“I am here as a resident commissioner to work with her on all federal initiatives for the good of Puerto Rico,” she added.

She said the New Progressive Party only “asked for my availability, but there is already a governor and she is in office and said she is not going away, thus eliminating any vestige of constitutional crises, so let’s get to work.”

González mentioned her hope to invite Vázquez to Washington, D.C.

“I want to invite the governor to go to the White House. I think that the projection of the governor in the White House and the Congress is important,” the resident commissioner said.

Regarding the performance of the former women’s advocate as governor in the first days, González stressed that her decisions “I think are very good, at least from what I have seen.”

González said she hopes to discuss with the governor legislation she has worked on for the past three years, on recovery funds, FEMA and Medicaid.

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