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Puerto Rico Retailers Association launches Covid-19 safety campaign

By on August 25, 2020

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Intends to foster best practices among businesses

SAN JUAN — The Puerto Rico Retailers Association (ACDET by its Spanish initials) launched and educational campaign to raise awareness among both businesses and consumers calling on a more responsible and conscious approach to what the organization referred to as the new reality brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, focused on businesses being able to self-regulate to continue operations and prevent the spread of the virus. 

Under the slogan “New Reality, We Embrace You” the campaign reiterates the necessary safety measures businesses and consumers should follow at all times such as physical distancing, the use of masks and detection of symptoms, as well as accepting the fact “that it is a reality that will live with us for longer than we would all like.” 

The most innovative element of the campaign is that businesses voluntarily complete a commitment form, through, in which they commit to implement the measures that have proven to effectively curb the spread of the virus, as well as to self-monitor.

“It is very likely that we will have to live battling the spread of COVID-19 for the next few months. Therefore, we must embrace and accept this reality with optimism and responsibility. We have made a public commitment to deliver this message more comprehensively and forceful, with examples and messages that everyone can understand and apply. The responsibility is of the individual, but the sum of each one collaborating will achieve that we are successful defeating this virus collectively,” said Lymaris Otero, executive director of ACDET.

ACDET President Iván Báez added that “we are making the most serious commitment in our history” to protect the health of associates, collaborators and customers. 

“During the past months, chain stores have demonstrated an effective management of protocols and security measures against risks associated with COVID-19. We have not skimped on serving citizens safely,” said Báez. “However, we identified that we should collaborate more in citizen education, and for this reason, in the coming weeks our commitment is that the message reaches through media each home and each customer of our businesses.”

According to the association’s executives, the effort will complement the measures that the Economic Task Force presented to the governor and will help foster compliance. 

“We urge all merchants, ACDET members or not, to access the site, complete the commitment sheet and download the campaign materials so that they can publish them on their social networks and use them in their stores,” Otero said.

The release adds that economists say the consequences of another lockdown would be dire for the island’s economy and the livelihood of thousands of retail workers. In addition, it would further aggravate the unemployment situation on the island, which worsens with the end of federal aid. 

“The slogan of commitment, citizen collaboration and prevention is the formula to avoid a new closure, prevent thousands and thousands of people, who may be your loved one, getting sick or lose their jobs, reduce the wave of infections and regain the health of our people and the economy of Puerto Rico. Without a healthy economy there can be no health and vice versa,” said Báez.

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