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Puerto Rico Secretary of State assures Christmas bonus won’t be eliminated

By on March 16, 2017

SAN JUAN – Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Executive Director José Marrero was disavowed Thursday by Secretary of State William Villafañe an hour after he said the Christmas bonus for public employees would eventually be eliminated.

“No. That isn’t correct. The fiscal plan doesn’t include eliminating the Christmas bonus. It isn’t considered in the fiscal plan nor even in ‘plan B.’ What is established in the agreement [with the Fiscal Oversight & Management Board] is that [employees] with management salaries will undergo an adjustment to the Christmas Bonus because at many agencies [the bonus] isn’t $600 or $1,000, but is based on a percentage of the salary.

Secretary-General William Villafañe (File Photo)

Secretary-General William Villafañe (File Photo)

“The administration is firm about protecting the Christmas bonus. What’s correct is there will be an adjustment to large bonuses, as are those at public corporations,” Villafañe said in a WKAQ radio interview.

Earlier Thursday Marrero said that “Christmas bonuses, gradually, according to the agreements we have… We will phase them out and we will eliminate them, eventually.” The OMB official didn’t rule out that the private sector would eventually follow the government’s steps and eliminate them as well.

“Everyone focuses on the spending part. This must be done in an orderly manner, and the orderly manner is we must look at the economy,” he said in reference to the private sector.

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