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Puerto Rico Statistics Institute reveals publications results

By on February 2, 2018

SAN JUAN — The Puerto Rico Statistics Institute (SI) revealed Friday its Results Report for its 2018 Statistics Publication Calendar (CaPE), which includes this calendar year’s itinerary for the publication of statistics on Puerto Rico, as well as an evaluation of governmental entities’ commitment to users regarding the publication dates for their statistics for the 2017 calendar year.

According to the CaPE Results Report, for 2018, 22 state and federal agencies committed to publishing 45 statistical reports.

Regarding compliance performance with CaPE, the report’s introduction highlights that “In 2017, the top three local agencies that achieved greatest consistency in punctually complying with their publication schedules were the Labor & Human Resources Department (with its Employment and Unemployment report, as well as Nonfarm Payroll Employment), the Health Department (with its weekly report on Arboviral Diseases) and the Puerto Rico Police (with its report on Type I Crimes).”

Meanwhile, the public agencies with the worst punctuality compliance were the Puerto Rico Police, with its report on fatal accidents; Trade & Export Co., on retail sales; Ports Authority, on cargo and air/sea passengers; and the Tourism Co.’s monthly statistics report.

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During 2017, 34 statistical reports published by 21 state and federal agencies were disseminated through the subscription system. Since the system was started in 2008, the number of requests for reports totaled 1,609,189 as of December 2017.

“Throughout the 10 years of existence of the Statistics Publication Calendar, we have been able to verify that not only during 2017, but historically, the statistical publications of the Tourism Co., Trade & Export Co., Industrial Development Co. [Pridco] and other entities attached to the Economic Development & Commerce Department are the monthly publications with the longest delays in their publication or data lag,” said SI Executive Director Mario Marazzi.

One of the main reasons that led to the creation of the Statistics Institute was the excessive delay that existed in the production of certain statistics. That is why the law provided the strict establishment of calendars for the publication of statistics, “with which the Institute has fully and consistently complied during its 10 years of existence,” the SI adds in its announcing release.

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The 2018 CaPE Results Report is available on the SI website. It has also been distributed through the Subscriptions System to the institute’s reports, which allows users to receive them via email.

The Puerto Rico Statistics Institute is an autonomous government entity tasked with coordinating the government’s statistics production service “to ensure the data collection and statistics systems, on which public policies are based, are complete, reliable and have rapid and universal access,” according to its mission statement.

It has roughly 300 statistical products in inventory. In addition, it provides access to more than 100 data sets through and over 40 tables and more than 6,000 indicators through

In addition, as the leading entity of the State Data Center (SDC) of Puerto Rico, the SI manages the SDC portal, which contains the main statistical reports and publications on Puerto Rico by the U.S. Census Bureau such as annual population estimates, the Puerto Rico Community Survey and official statistics on the decennial population and housing censuses of the island.

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