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Puerto Rico Stock Index lost 22.36% in 2015

By on January 4, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico Stock Index (PRSI) lost 504.05 points, or 22.36% of its value in 2015, according to the latest data released by the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico (GDB).

The PRSI stood at 2,253.70 on Jan. 09, 2015. It ended at 1,749.65 at the close of trading on Dec. 31, 2015.

The PRSI is a capitalization-weighted (or market value weighted) index created by UBS and the GDB. It is composed of five companies based or with their main place of business in Puerto Rico.

The companies included in the index are traded on national stock markets (i.e., NYSE, AMEX) and in the over-the-counter market (i.e., NASDAQ).

The PRSI components are: OFG Bancorp, Popular Inc., First BanCorp, Triple-S Management Corp. and Evertec Inc. During 2015, the PRSI lost one of its components, Doral Financial Corp., as its banking subsidiary Doral Bank was shut down by the Puerto Rico Financial Institutions Commissioner’s Office, with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. as its receiver.

During the last week of 2015, the PRSI lost 44.18, or 2.46%, to close at 1,749.65.

Topping the list of nongainers was OFG Bancorp, which lost 54 cents, or 6.87%, to close at $7.32. It was followed by First BanCorp, which erased 22 cents, or 6.34%, to close at $3.25. Shares of Popular fell 52 cents, or 1.80%, to close at $28.34. Triple-S Management Corp. edged down 33 cents, or 1.36%, to close at $23.91. Shares of Evertec Inc. skidded 20 cents, or 1.18%, to close at $16.74.

By José L. Carmona

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