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Puerto Rico to receive additional funds for roadways, manufacturers after María

By on November 20, 2017

SAN JUAN – Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González, along with with Puerto Rico Transportation Secretary Carlos Contreras, announced that $31 million in federal funds have been assigned for road repairs and assistance to smaller manufacturers that sustained damage from hurricanes Irma and María.

The Federal Highway Administration, an agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation, is granting $30 million from the Emergency Relief Program to repair several roads around the island.

With these additional funds, the U.S. Transportation Department has now allocated a combined $75 million to Puerto Rico as a result of hurricanes Irma and María.

The funds are for emergency work to return roads to their pre-existing condition as well as repairing traffic signal systems, bridges, guardrails and addressing damages related to mudslides and flooding.

Federal funds assigned for access to Puerto Rico rainforest after Hurricane María

“Rebuilding our road infrastructure is one of the priorities I work for to obtain funds, that’s what the Transportation Committee visits and my continuous meetings with Secretary [Elaine] Chao and department staff were for,” said the resident commissioner, who has discussed the need for funds to reconstruct the island’s infrastructure after the hurricanes with the secretary as recently as Wednesday at the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues.

González also announced the allocation of $1 million from the disaster assessment program of the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These funds are to assist small and midsize manufacturers to recover from hurricanes Irma and María.

Puerto Rico granted federal community development funds after hurricane

Other agency funds that had been previously announced include $2.5 million for the El Yunque National Park roads; $40 million under the Emergency Relief Program; and $2.5 million after Hurricane Irma.

The funds are assigned to the Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension, a nonprofit created by the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co. and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program of the NIST, a national network that provides help to small and midsize businesses.

Who controls federal funds received by Puerto Rico post-Maria?

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