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Puerto Rico to share medical marijuana model with Dominican Republic

By on April 2, 2018

SAN JUAN — Puerto Rico Legal Marijuana (PRLM) President Goodwin Aldarondo said a “busy” agenda is being put together for a forum to be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic:”Legal, Social, and Economic Aspects of Medical Cannabis: Puerto Rico’s Case.”

The agenda for the summit organized by Clínica Verde and Cannaeduca—to be held Friday—includes medical cannabis-related topics such as the development of its public policy in Puerto Rico; its development and history; emerging markets; regulation and legislation; medicinal aspects; medical tourism; economic issues; and taxation.

“We want to explain to attendees the concept of medical cannabis as it was developed in Puerto Rico. What we are looking for is to offer a complete view of the industry from its beginnings, its implementation, [and] the achievements obtained so far, but also the obstacles that medical cannabis still faces on the island so the Puerto Rican model can be replicated successfully in the sister republic,” Aldarondo said, adding that former Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla will be part of the retinue invited by Clínica Verde and Cannaeduca.

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Aldarondo said the panelists include lawyers, health professionals, engineers and business owners such as attorney Pedro Ortiz Álvarez; Dr. Iván Piovanetti; former Tourism Co. Director Francisco Bonet; Dr. Indira Luciano; attorney Ada Montañez; and engineer and CPA Mikel Eguía Moreda.

“We are very enthusiastic with this excellent opportunity because the industry in Puerto Rico is up and running and there are many people reaping the benefits of medical cannabis, and we want Dominicans to be able to have that same experience. The panel is composed of very serious resources who know the industry since its first steps, which is why I am convinced that the results will be extraordinary,” said the PRLM president.

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