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Puerto Rico’s ‘healthcare crisis’ Prompts Investigation

By on January 16, 2017

SAN JUAN — Rep. Juan Oscar Morales Rodríguez, president of the House’s health committee, presented Monday a resolution to investigate all medical-hospital services in Puerto Rico’s public hospitals, including institutions that offer mental health services.

“Currently, we are seeing in Puerto Rico a rise in medical conditions that endanger people. Parallel to this, we see how health systems, whose purpose is to improve patients’ health, add more obstacles to service accessibility, thus placing patients at risk. Our healthcare system is in crisis,” the representative denounced in a written statement.

House Health Commission President Juan Oscar Morales Rodríguez (CyberNews Photo)

House Health Commission President Juan Oscar Morales Rodríguez (CyberNews Photo)

He added that many hospitals have been forced to close some service areas, reduce staff, eliminate wage increases and benefits, among other measures, “which has worsened the provision of services to the people.”

Morales Rodríguez said that with H.R. 57, his committee will work to understand the current state of several hospitals, the specific factors that contribute to the crisis in hospital centers, and the need to present legislation to strengthen healthcare services. In addition, the committee will look for ways to strengthen Puerto Rico’s healthcare industry.

The legislator also emphasized that he will investigate the new Comprehensive Cancer Center, inaugurated by the past administration “without the necessary permits for its operation and at a multimillion-dollar cost.”

“Our obligation is to investigate this affair and publish the findings. The most important thing here is for the money to be directed toward cancer patients so they can receive the needed treatment,” the representative for San Juan’s Precinct 3 said.


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