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Puerto Rico’s Parallel18 teams up with Google Developers Launchpad

By on September 3, 2019

Parallel18 entrepreneurs (Courtesy photo; by José R. Madera)

Affiliation to reap benefits of knowledge, network sharing to support island’s startup ecosystem

SAN JUAN – Startup accelerator Parallel18 broadened its resources network by joining Google Developers Launchpad‘s group of regional partners. The collaboration grants access to Google’s global network resulting in gained insight and learning of best practices of startup accelerators around the world.

Google Developers Launchpad is a branch of Google that operates a global acceleration program to help startups grow. As part of its strategy to support innovation ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley, the organization teams up with top independent accelerators across Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Parallel18 is a startup accelerator created by the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust to attract and create high-impact startup companies that can scale abroad. The trust is a nonprofit created in 2004 to promote investment and the financing of research and development as a catalyst for job creation and the retention of highly qualified talent. Since its founding in 2015, Parallel18 has worked with more than 200 startups from Puerto Rico, the states, Latin America, Europe and Asia and has gained international attention for the local tech and innovation network it supports.

The “parallel18 Powered by Google Developers Launchpad” initiative will connect the Puerto Rican organization to some of the world’s top accelerators, allowing it to share information and leverage resources. Parallel18 will also be afforded access to Google’s global network, Silicon Valley-based startup programs and “20 years’ worth of Google research and best practice insights on building businesses, products, and teams at a massive scale,” the startup accelerator explained.   

Parallel18 said the new resources will help its startup portfolio, which already includes some of the fastest-growing companies in the region, scale its businesses exponentially. 

“This alliance with Google Developers Launchpad instantly widened our network of speakers and expert mentors, which are the key to offer a business development curriculum that is of the highest quality and relevant to the entrepreneurs we serve,” said Eduardo Padial, operations manager at parallel18, in charge of the acceleration curriculums.

“Our alumni consistently highlight the educational component and the mentorship with local and international experts as Parallel18’s greatest value. By teaming up with Google Developers Launchpad we reaffirm our commitment to support young innovative companies in their journey to scale globally,” Parallel18’s executive director, Sebastian Vidal, said in the related press release.

“During the past few years, we’ve been working to create new bridges between Latin America and the United States. Puerto Rico is one of the most promising entry points to the Hispanic market in America, and thanks to Parallel18, all startups, both in the Island and everywhere else in the world, can benefit from our Launchpad program and mentor network,” added Kevin O’Toole, global head of Strategy, Operations and Partnerships for Google Launchpad.

Kevin O’Toole, global head of Strategy, Operations and Partnerships for Google Launchpad (Courtesy)

As part of the collaboration, experts from Google’s network will join the Startups of Puerto Rico Speaker Series to offer conferences and workshops open to the community.

“In the coming years, markets outside of Silicon Valley will increasingly impact the global startup and technology ecosystem. And while it’s easier than ever to start a company, access to success methodologies, expert mentors, and ecosystem best practices for building companies remain unevenly distributed,” O’Toole pointed out of one of the challenges the Google program aims to address.

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