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Puerto Rico’s Pontificia Universidad Católica among top 10 law schools by female enrollment

By on March 4, 2019

Map showing percentage of female enrollment at law schools in each state and Puerto Rico in 2018.

SAN JUAN – For the third year in a row, women made up the majority of law school students pursuing a juris doctor degree in the United States. Based on the most recent data (2018), 23 states and Puerto Rico now have more female students attending law school than men.

Enjuris, a legal resource for accident victims, compiled data from the American Bar Association on law schools and regions where women are currently enrolled at higher levels than their male counterparts.

Since 1972, the numbers have trended upward. In 2016, the number of female enrollees surpassed male enrollees for the first time. The percentage of women law school students went up an additional 1.21% in 2017, and 1.09% in 2018.

The top 10 law schools by female enrollment are:

  1. North Carolina Central University (66.85%)
  2. Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (66.21%)
  3. Northeastern University (65.76%)
  4. Howard University (65.7%)
  5. University of the District of Columbia (63.97%)
  6. New England Law | Boston (63.65%)
  7. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico (62.36%)
  8. American University (62.21%)
  9. St. Thomas University (61.16%)
  10. Florida A&M University (61.06%)

There are still many programs where male students outnumber women. The 10 colleges and universities with the lowest percentage of female law students are:

  1. Concordia Law School (34.3%)
  2. Pennsylvania State Dickinson Law (40.1%)
  3. Brigham Young University (40.5%)
  4. University of Illinois (41.3%)
  5. University of Missouri (41.3%)
  6. University of South Dakota (41.8%)
  7. Washburn University (41.8%)
  8. Texas Tech University (41.9%)
  9. Liberty University (41.9%)
  10. University of Arizona (42.1%)


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