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Puerto Rico’s Puerto del Rey marina celebrates 30-year anniversary

By on July 17, 2018

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico’s Puerto del Rey, a marina in the town of Fajardo with a capacity for 1,600 vessels–as well as restaurants, shops and entertainment spaces on its premises–celebrated its 30th anniversary this summer.

Following a $70 million purchase and investment in infrastructure and services by Putnam Bridge, the marina’s chief executive officer, Carolina Corral, said its success as the top marina in the Caribbean also has to do with her team’s “constant search” for new opportunities.

“Our clients and employees have been a key element to our success; thanks to their feedback, we’ve developed new services and technologies that have kept us on the forefront of the nautical industry. Their support drives us to continue improving, investing and keep offering excellent services,” Corral said in a celebratory release.

Despite counting on well-heeled backers, the marina has performed by adapting to an ever-changing island and meeting client needs.

“We’ve seen the importance of adapting our services according to the circumstances the Island goes through, especially after hurricane María. Post María, it’s been critical for us to have constant electric power in order to provide our regular services. That is why we have invested in a 1,500 [-watt] generator that allows us to operate, even in the in case of a blackout. We have also redesigned the Dock Center; renovated the breakwater, repaired and reinforced our concrete docks, and built the most sophisticated hurricane tie-downs in order to continue improving our customer experience,” Corral explained.

To celebrate its anniversary, Puerto del Rey is telling the stories of its “iconic employees, vendors and clients” as well as revealing little-known tidbits on its Facebook page.

“We are much more than just a marina, Puerto del Rey is its people, their stories and their smiles. We celebrate the marina by featuring the people that are part of its history. We will share their stories, from the first employee we ever had to the Spaniard that came to deliver a boat and decided to stay after he fell in love with the Island,” Corral proudly stated.

Puerto del Rey currently has more than 1,300 vessels in the wet-slip and dry-stack areas, with 100 employees maintaining the areas and providing services such as maintenance, vessel bodywork and repairs, protection during hurricane season, and fuel provision.

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