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Puma Energy Begins Sale of LPG tanks

By on March 2, 2016

Since the end of February, Puma Energy has been selling 20-lb. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders through its Pumagas subsidiary at 11 of its gasoline stations, starting in San Juan, Guaynabo and Toa baja.

The Puerto Rico Public Service Commission (PSC) approved on December 2015 the request made by Puma Energy Caribe LLC for the sale and distribution of LPG cylinders at different establishments throughout the island.

Víctor Domínguez, general manager of Puma Energy Caribe LLC, pointed out the arrival of Pumagas to the local market in November of 2014 has propelled a 25% reduction in the price of LPG cylinders on the island.

“We’ve moved expeditiously thanks to Puma Energy’s flexibility and rapid response capacity. By mid March we will have the first 50 gas stations with steel cages for LPG cylinders in the municipalities of Caguas, San Juan, Guaynabo, Bayamón, Naranjito, Cataño, Toa Baja and Carolina,” Domínguez said.

“At this rate, we expect to continue expanding our 20-lb. cylinders and make it available in more than 250 Puma Energy service stations. Our entrance to the local market will benefit consumers.”

Domínguez noted Puma Energy supplies LPG under HD-5 specifications, a quality standard for this type of product. The company, he added, has invested approximately $46 million in its LPG installations at its Bayamón terminal, with a capacity to store 4.2 million gallons of LPG.

Currently Puma Caribe is waiting for the PSC’s public hearing, slated to be held this month, for the company’s permit to build an LPG cylinder bottling plant, to be built at its Bayamón terminal.

Follows is a list of the first 11 Puma Energy gas service stations that are selling the 20-lb. LPG cylinders:

  • Calle Madrid 10-23 Esq. Salazar, Torrimar in Guaynabo
  • Carr. #1 Km. 17, Bucaré in Río Piedras
  • Ave. Apolo, Calle Mercurio, Urb. Apolo in Guaynabo
  • Ave. Central & 1039 Puerto  Nuevo, in San Juan
  • Ave. Roosevelt # 1301 (Esq. De Diego), Puerto Nuevo, in San Juan
  • 1007 Avenida Muñoz Rivera, in Río Piedras
  • Carr. 844 Km. 2.1, Cupey Bajo, in San Juan
  • Ave. Ponce De León #1203, Esq. Calle Caparra, Bo. Venezuela, in Río Piedras
  • Ave. Américo Miranda Reparto Metropolitano, in Río Piedras
  • Ave. Comerío Norte Esq. Bo. Sabana Seca, Levittown, in Toa Baja
  • Ave. Comerío Esq. Ave. Sabana Seca, Levittown, in Toa Baja

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