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Puma FastPay app adds ATH Móvil for quicker gas station stops

By on October 18, 2018

SAN JUAN – Puma Energy’s FastPay app for its service stations in Puerto Rico now includes transaction processing company Evertec’s ATH Móvil payment feature, making having to pay at the register a thing of the past.

App users will be able to pay for their gas from their car when they arrive at the pump, resulting in faster and safer transactions, Puma, which has the largest network of service stations in Puerto Rico, assured in its announcing release Wednesday.

“As of today, our widely used Puma FastPay application will be much more convenient for customers, as it integrates a new payment solution to continue simplifying the daily lives of our customers. With the ATH Móvil button in our application, the whole process is much easier at the service station,” said Víctor Domínguez, general manager of Puma Energy Caribe.


When users arrive at a Puma service station, they open the app, scan the quick-response, or QR, code and the app will ask for a payment method, for which ATH Movil can be selected to complete the purchase. The app then authorizes filling the car up.

Evertec’s manager for digital payment solutions, Gustavo Díaz Garratón called the partnership “a perfect strategic alliance with Puma, as our product ATH Móvil is aimed at consumers who seek convenience, security and speed in their transactions.”

About 75 percent of Puma stations accept FastPay. Puma has invested more than $80 million in the remodeling of its stations after Hurricane Maria, which include Super 7 convenience stores that are open 24 hours a day and offer locally made sandwiches and coffee made by a resident barista, and free Wi-Fi, among other amenities.

Globally, Puma Energy operates in 49 countries and manages more than 7,800 employees. Based in Geneva, it has regional centers in Singapore, Johannesburg (South Africa), Bayamón (Puerto Rico), Brisbane (Australia) and Tallin (Estonia).

Besides distribution, retail and wholesale sales of refined petroleum products, lubricants, asphalts, LPG, aviation and maritime fuel, its activities also include the supply, storage and transportation of oil products.

It owns and operates a network of 104 storage terminals, as well as more than 3,100 retail sites in Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific and is present at 79 airports.

Businesses benefiting from Evertec’s payment feature

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