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Reebok FitHub to Open First Store in Puerto Rico

By on December 17, 2015


Reebok will open its first Reebok FitHub store in Puerto Rico this weekend in Plaza del Caribe Mall in Ponce. The store features a concept in line with the brand’s current marketing and advertising efforts, which in turn reflects a back-to-basics, hands-on and holistic approach toward fitness. Earlier in the year, the company launched its “Be more human” campaign, which appeals to people who have made fitness a part of their lives and work hard at it.

Thus, Reebok FitHub stores are decked out to resemble a gym, from the floor mats to the general décor. As with other Reebok FitHub stores around the world, the Ponce location, which covers some 2,000 square feet, will be more than just a place to shop, but a center where people may find all things related to a fitness lifestyle, said Marcos Pérez Laspiur, country manager for Reebok Puerto Rico.

“The fitness movement has really grown in Puerto Rico, especially with concepts such as CrossFit. We wanted to bring to Puerto Rico the dynamic, innovative concept of Reebok HubFit, where people can find not only the products they are looking for, but also other resources for that lifestyle,” said Pérez Laspiur, adding that Reebok is a sponsor for CrossFit. “For example, the stores have what we call activity boards, where people can find out about fitness-related activities taking place within as well as outside the store.”

For the opening on Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015, the store will hold CrossFit exhibitions by CrossFit Ponce and Aggressive CrossFit, and people will be able to meet and greet Emmanuel Maldonado, the first and only Puerto Rican to have reached the CrossFit Games in 2014.

Pérez Laspiur explained that Reebok’s current delta-shaped logo stemmed from the sponsor relationship the brand has with CrossFit, but that eventually it was adopted to represent the pillars the brand stands for: positive change and the development of individuals through physical, mental and social well-being.

“Much more than a logo, it is a symbol of what we stand for,” said Juan Gumá, marketing specialist for Reebok Puerto Rico. “As a fitness brand, we aim to motivate athletes and everyday people who want to stay fit, to demand and bring out the best in themselves to not only transform their bodies, but also their lives, to be better human beings.”

Reebok is part of the Adidas Group, which acquired the company in 2005 for $3.8 billion.

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