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Rep. Vega Ramos Claims Rosselló’s Campaign Diverts Attention from “Corruption”

By on October 8, 2016

SAN JUAN — Rep. Luis Vega Ramos denounced Saturday that New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló’s campaign is “desperate” to divert attention from his ballot partners’ own “corruption claims.”

The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) senator alleged the NPP hasn’t been able to “refute the ruins implied by its budgetary and fiscal proposals for thousands of public employees, pensioners, and citizens that receive essential services from the government.”

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Rep. Luis Vega Ramos / Inter News Service

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Rep. Luis Vega Ramos / Inter News Service

Vega Ramos said the pro-statehood party’s claims that each pound of rice grown in Puerto Rico surpasses $8, for a total cost of $24 million per 3 million pounds of certified production, is a folly because that quantity comprises over half of the Agriculture department’s operational budget. The legislator added local rice has been sold competitively in “substantially lower” prices than its direct competitors.

“In moments when the threat of Hurricane Matthew in the port in Jacksonville (Florida) once again arises the issue of our food insecurity, Rosselló and the NPP insists on attacking local agricultural production,” maintained Vega Ramos, adding “this proves where the NPP’s real loyalties lie.”

However, he said he is not surprised, as he brought attention to NPP Resident Commissioner candidate Sen. Jenniffer González Colón’s main donors -Crowley, Sea Star, and Horizon-, importing companies that were sued by the U.S. government “for agreeing to a scheme to raise the cost of fleets to Puerto Rico and commit fraud.”

Thus, the PDP senator warned citizens to remain vigilant of Rosselló’s attempts to “divert attention from the campaign’s central issues.”

“He doesn’t want to respond, because after a week of the devastating report from the Comptroller about the $2.9 million fraud in the Capitol’s superintendence, he hasn’t requested candidacy resignations from Thomas Rivera Schatz or Jenniffer González,” he insisted.

Vega Ramos observed the NPP candidate hasn’t condemned Ponce mayor María Meléndez “for granting vacations to former Capitol superintendent Eliezer Vazquez, the person chosen directly by Jenniffer González and Rivera Schatz to supervise the fraud scheme from which 19 people have been mentioned in the Comptroller’s report, and five Capitol employees and two contractors face trial for 74 criminal charges.”

The legislator deemed these the “real issues” of the campaign as he further repudiated the NPP’s ‘attacks’ on local production.

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