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Resident Commissioner says she has made progress in favor of Puerto Rico

By on December 7, 2017

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico’s resident commissioner in Congress, Jenniffer González; House speaker, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez; and Senate president, Thomas Rivera Schatz, said Wednesday that their lobbying on Capitol Hill is producing language in the U.S. tax reform legislation that would result in Puerto Rico benefiting from job creation.

“We cannot just push one initiative–a single measure–as if it were the panacea to solve the problems of the people of Puerto Rico,” González said at a press conference in Washington, D.C. “One thing is on the island–the normal and daily spats we have as politicians–and another thing is here…looking for solutions, looking for amendments to include the island. And that’s what I’ve dedicated myself to doing.”

Sitting, from left, are Puerto Rico’s Senate president, Thomas Rivera Schatz; resident commissioner in Congress, Jenniffer González; and House Speaker, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez (Courtesy)

The resident commissioner said she was able to explain to members of Congress the importance of not losing jobs in the manufacturing industry because it represents 40% of the island’s economy, and of that percentage, 30% is composed of the medical device, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.

She assured that House Speaker Paul Ryan is already including language that aligns with the proposals to improve Puerto Rico’s economy.

Legislative resolution demands Puerto Rico jurisdiction be addressed in US tax reform

Méndez concurred, saying there already are “advances” in these proposals for the island.

“It’s a source of great joy for me to hear from House Speaker Paul Ryan that they are working on language for Puerto Rico that’s in line with what has been discussed: the inclusion of Puerto Rico as a domestic jurisdiction,” the island’s speaker said.

Rivera Schatz defended the resident commissioner’s efforts in Congress.

“The tireless work of our resident commissioner in Washington is in tune with the programmatic commitment we made to the people of Puerto Rico. I’ve heard in the media about people who have…credibility problems. Those who have credibility problems begin to make completely unfounded and false insinuations and denunciations,” Rivera Schatz said.

“Not only protecting the employment of all those who work in Puerto Rico, but also the approval of incentives to increase the number of jobs is being sought,” he added.

The Puerto Rico Senate president referred to page 24 of the Plan for Puerto Rico, drafted during Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s gubernatorial campaign, which establishes that any effort in Congress to increase employment in Puerto Rico will be supported.

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