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Resident commissioner urges Puerto Rico governor to nominate a successor

By on July 30, 2019

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González (Courtesy)

Says she is not involved in the process

SAN JUAN — In a statement, Puerto Rico’s resident commissioner in U.S. Congress, Jenniffer González, again urged that Gov. Ricardo Rosselló appoint a secretary of State “as soon as possible” to “give direction, stability and credibility” to the island.

“Puerto Rico has many trained, experienced and honest people to assume the role of the government, but it is the prerogative of the Governor to nominate and the Legislature to issue their advice and consent. A few days ago I made myself available to work with people who, in order of constitutional succession, could hold the position. That did not mean endorsement of the candidacy of any person, just my willingness and desire to work as a team so that the island can continue to move forward,” González said.

The U.S. representative underscored that she was not involved in either the evaluation or nomination process.

“I have not been asked, nor consulted anything about that succession. In light of the events of the past 3 weeks, I remain focused and continue to be the face and work in Congress and with the federal agencies, while remaining aware of what is happening in my Island.”

She added that she was not going to “speculate” about candidates, as she is not part of the process.

“The person who finally holds the position will count on my support and collaboration to restore relations in the federal government and work hard for Puerto Rico. I do not agree with leaving the position vacant and it is time for an orderly transition. The period of uncertainty has to end so we can give guidance to the government and stability to our economy.”

On Sunday, Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez said she was no interested in succeeding Rosselló, who is serving as governor until Friday at 5 p.m., after having presented his resignation amid two weeks of mass demonstrations sparked by the arrests for corruption of two former officials and leaked messages between him and 11 others that included cabinet members, officials, consultants and contractors.

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