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Rivera Schatz Says NPP Gubernatorial Candidate Must be Up to Task

By on May 17, 2016

SAN JUAN – Experience, ability and commitment are the qualities the next gubernatorial candidate from the New Progressive Party (NPP) should have for the general election Nov. 8, former Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz said Tuesday.


Sen. Thomas Rivera Schatz

He explained that a person can have the ability but not the experience and vice versa, but the candidate must have both qualities, in addition to the commitment.

“Capacity has to be accompanied by experience and, of course, commitment,” said the legislator, who has repeatedly refused to endorse the candidacy of either of his party’s gubernatorial hopefuls, Ricardo Rosselló and Pedro Pierluisi, for the general primary June 5.

The other race for that day within the party involves the House of Representatives’ NPP spokeswoman, Jenniffer González, and former Transportation Secretary Carlos Ignacio Pesquera, who are running for resident commissioner in Washington, D.C.

The NPP also has primaries in 44 of the 78 municipalities, in eight senatorial districts, 33 of the 40 representative districts, and to pick six at-large senators and six at-large representatives.


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