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Rivera Schatz sets Sights on Senate Presidency

By on January 25, 2016

SAN JUAN – Were the New Progressive Party (NPP) to win control of the Senate in the November general elections, Thomas Rivera Schatz will seek to reassume the presidency of the upper chamber for the next term.

However, Sens. Larry Seilhamer and Margarita Nolazco as well as Yauco Mayor Abel Nazario also have their sights set on the Senate presidency.

Nevertheless, Rivera Schatz assured his return to the presidency in light of the candidates who are seeking election in the June 5 primaries and are revalidated as senators in the November general elections.

“If we win the primary, as I believe will happen, I hope to become Senate president, and I have very good chances of success,” the Senate leader said in a radio interview.

As for the aspirations of Minority Leader Seilhamer, Sen. Nolazco and Mayor Nazario, the former Senate president did not go into further detail, but said there is no doubt he will prevail in the internal contest for the Senate’s presidency.

In this race, the Yauco mayor, who is seeking an at-large seat for the NPP, is one of the main promoters of gubernatorial hopeful Ricardo Rosselló in the NPP primaries against Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi.

It is assumed Nazario would lead Rossellós Senate team, with Rep. Johnny Méndez in the House as speaker.

Were the NPP to obtain the needed numbers to gain control of that legislative body in the November elections, Rep. Habriel Rodríguez Aguiló, who has avoided being directly identified with either gubernatorial hopeful, also seeks the top House post.

On the sidelines and with little evidence of campaigning, also mentioned as a possible candidate for is the top House post is former Speaker José Aponte, who is currently the NPP’s secretary general.

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