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Rock Solid Technologies takes Puerto Rico-developed software to Canada

By on July 31, 2018

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rican software company Rock Solid Technologies Inc. announced Tuesday that it has entered the Canadian market.

It was selected by Burlington, Ontario, Canada to provide its Respond service, a software platform built in Puerto Rico that will enable the city to connect with its citizens.

“In difficult times you have to create new business opportunities. Puerto Rico has much to contribute to the world; thanks to local talent, we will continue to strive to export our products and continue to contribute to the economic development of the island,” company Vice President Ánge Pérez said in the news release.

More than 35 municipalities in Puerto Rico use Respond to connect with their residents. The platform is also the system used as Panama’s national call center, known as 311, similar to Puerto Rico’s toll-free 311 telephone line for information and services, “Your Line for Government Services,” via which residents can file complaints and check the status of their request for services.

Some of the government agencies participating in the service are: the Child Support Administration, the Family Department’s Socioeconomic Development Administration, the Department of Public Works & Transportation (including its Driver Service Directory, the Maritime Transport Authority and the Metropolitan Bus Authority), the Department of Natural & Environmental Resources, the Department of Sports & Recreation, the Solid Waste Authority, the Environmental Quality Board and the National Parks Co.

Burlington chose Rock Solid as the winner of a formal tender in which companies from Canada, the United States and Europe competed. It was the only Puerto Rican company.

“The opening of the North American market for RESPOND © translates into a need to increase the size of our team. We will be hiring ten additional software engineers in the coming months,” Pérez said.

“The RESPOND © solution was selected by the Canadian city to attend and monitor the services of the municipal government. RESPOND © will provide this town of more than 185,000 inhabitants with the technological infrastructure necessary to manage the handling of service requests and improve the experience and interaction with its citizens. One of the most outstanding features of the product is its multichannel presence, since citizens can submit requests, complaints, suggestions from multiple channels such as: web portal, mobile application, telephone, email, physical office or social networks,” Pérez explained.

The business intelligence tool is another Respond feature, with which officials can consult reports instantly about open, pending or closed cases. The platform also includes “real-time monitoring of citizens’ feelings through social networks. Thanks to this functionality, it will be possible to observe and analyze the level of satisfaction and the concerns of the citizens,” the company wrote.

It added that, “over the years,” the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co. has “contributed economic development initiatives to increase and retain resources in local companies. Thanks to this support, Rock Solid Technologies has been able to continue its retention of local talent,” which includes engineers who graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, who “have been responsible” for developing the platform.

Respond was created in 2007 and is in its seventh generation. It has received awards from multiple institutions, including Microsoft, such as the 2013 CRM Partner of the Year-Latin America & Caribbean and 2013 Public Sector: Government Partner of the Year – Latin America & Caribbean.

“After 11 years of continuous development, Rock Solid Technologies has managed to build an innovative solution capable of competing with the latest technological trends for the public sector. These trends include technologies such as artificial intelligence integrated into the system, such as the well-known chatbots, together with new functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365,” Pérez added.

Rock Solid also offer SIMA, a tool for public sector organizations to manage financials and human resources. It also provides INGRESYS, a cashier and revenue management system; STAFF-M, a human resources management tool; VIRTUAL COLLECTOR, an online government-revenue collections tool; and JUSTICE 360 to manage electronic court-case entries.

In addition, it offers MEDVANTIX, a healthcare-practitioner credentialing system; and PETRO 365, an accounting and distribution software. The company also provides PHARMA, an accounting and operations software for the drug distribution market; and MECOMS, which provides meter data management, customer information, financial management, and human resources and inventory management.

Founded in 1994, Rock Solid Technologies is based in San Juan and has offices in Austin, Texas; Raleigh, North Carolina; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Panama City, Panama.

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