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Roselló Proposes Municipal Consortiums Provide Services

By on February 19, 2016

SAN JUAN – New Progressive Party gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló on Friday proposed the establishment of inter-municipal consortiums to improve the production and quality of services for the population “and generate savings for the Treasury.”

“Currently, most municipalities do not have the required population to independently gain direct access to federal funds. An example of this are the Community Development Block Grant funds managed by the Municipal Affairs Commissioner’s Office [OCAM by its Spanish acronym] for small municipalities. The inter-municipal consortium alternative would give municipalities access and the ability to compete more directly for a great deal of additional federal funds,” Rosselló said in a statement.

“At the same time, we can facilitate the provision of certain direct services to citizens, with options such as solid-waste collection and disposal, decoration, road and public structure maintenance, and clerical and administrative services, among others. Mayors can agree on a number of possible agreements for the convenience of citizens,” he added.

He explained that his proposed Center for Federal Opportunities would focus on these consortia. “In addition, we intend to add NGOs and communities as participatory alliances.”

He further said that, through legislation, the municipal consortiums would be incentivized so these could each offer their “advantages and minimize their weaknesses,” adding that a model similar to that used to manage Work Investment Act funds would be used because  municipalities are already familiar with it. “Thus, expediting its implementation,” he concluded.

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