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Rosselló accuses Bernier of ‘recycling’ proposals

By on October 13, 2016

LOÍZA — The proposal by Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate David Bernier to expand the gubernatorial term to six years is an act of improvisation, lack of focus and desperation, his New Progressive Party (NPP) counterpart, Ricardo Rosselló, said.

“Nobody believes David Bernier or [PDP candidate for resident commissioner] Héctor Ferrer, and they are using recycled proposals they couldn’t enforce in their own administration. David Bernier’s proposal, if in effect today, would mean Alejandro García Padilla would be governor until 2018. I think he is taking his discourse in another direction that doesn’t match his message and isn’t following a coherent line. He is recycling.

NPP gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló

NPP gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló

“And now he admitted [Wednesday] that his platform isn’t an official commitment, but a changing one, and our commitment is written, signed and established. We see two contrasts from two campaigns: One with commitment, one with vision, one with a viable plan; and one that takes ideas from the past with proposals that couldn’t be implemented now,” Rosselló said.

The NPP candidate insisted that his PDP rival is “desperate and wants any kind of opportunity” to achieve media coverage.

Regarding campaign finance reform, Rosselló said Bernier’s proposal goes against federal law and that he proposes executive regulations to establish more controls instead.

“Political donations are a product of people who get involved in that. If one has the character to prevent [corruption] from happening, if the controls are in place then corruption won’t occur. What is certain is we live under the very famous federal jurisdiction Citizens United, which allows citizens and companies to donate. If David Bernier wants to separate from the United States, the only thing he has to do when asked is say he wants independence,” the NPP gubernatorial candidate said.

“What is your proposal to control political donations that have historically paved the way for corruption?” Caribbean Business asked.

“I have proposed an executive order so that as soon as we begin our administration we can evaluate, with facts and evidence, different types of strategies in other jurisdictions to mitigate political donations,” he replied.

The NPP candidate took the opportunity before beginning a walking tour of Loíza to emphasize his commitment to municipal residents to improve public safety by providing an alternative road to PR-127.

In addition, Rosselló promised that, if victorious in the Nov. 8 elections, he would create service centers in Loíza where residents could have access to government agencies instead of having to travel to Carolina or Canóvanas.

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