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Rosselló Announces Five More Designations

By on December 20, 2016

SAN JUAN — Governor-elect Ricardo Rosselló named Omar Marrero Díaz as the new Port Authority director, also entrusting him to lead the Convention Center District Authority and the Public-Private Alliance Authority.

Left to Right: Johanne Vélez, Lersy Boria, Omar Marrero, the governor-elect, Eduardo Rivera and Luis Burdiel. (CyberNews Photo)

Left to Right: Johanne Vélez, Lersy Boria, Omar Marrero, the governor-elect, Eduardo Rivera and Luis Burdiel. (CyberNews Photo)

Likewise, Rosselló designated Eduardo Rivera Cruz as director of the Infrastructure Financing Authority (AFI by its Spanish acronym); Leroy G. Boria Vizcarrondo in charge of the Automobile Accidents Compensation Administration (AACA); Luis Burdiel Agudo to preside the Economic Development Bank, and Johanne Vélez García as Quality of Life adviser and executive director of the Women’s Council in Fortaleza.

“I present to you this work team, which I know have the commitment and capacity to move Puerto Rico forward. The family keeps growing and we are pleased that these people [who] worked on the Plan for Puerto Rico are interconnected to others who have already been named, and future designations,” expressed the governor-elect.

Immediately, Marrero Díaz, who will lead three corporations, thanked Rosselló for the designation, as well as everyone who helped his professional development, and punctuated that now is the time to open Puerto Rico to new businesses.

“Today, more than a celebration, should be a moment to invite a deep reflection of the Puerto Rico we want to build for the next generations. I have always said that the government must be a facilitator and not an impediment to the private sector; on the contrary, to look for the way to lead the private sector’s creative efforts and empower citizens,” said Marrero Díaz.

Omar Marrero Díaz was selected by the governor-elect to lead three public corporations. (CyberNews Photo)

Omar Marrero Díaz was selected by the Governor-elect to lead three public corporations. (CyberNews Photo)

The director-designate of various public agencies has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a double-major in Accounting and Finances from Dayton University; a juris doctor summa cum laude from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico; and a master’s degree in corporative law from the University of New York.

“The only way to move Puerto Rico forward is to declare to the whole world that we are open for business. It’s that simple […] Puerto Rico must be open for business and it’s not about a consignment but a new way to govern. We must all work to convince this world that looks at us that we are open for business, to recover credibility in capital markets, and to respect our state of right. I acknowledge the challenges are huge, many will criticize us along the way, they will say it can’t be done, that we don’t understand how to govern, but I assure you that for every critique we will take a step forward,” he added.

For his part, AFI Director-designate Rivera Cruz, who possesses two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Puerto Rico—specifically, in Business Administration with a major in Management and another in Marketing—emphasized he feels proud to have received public education and working as a public server for 24 years.

“I have worked hand in hand with mayors, with legislators, regardless of the party they belong to because Puerto Rico comes first. This office in the AFU will have its doors open for all and the work team that will be there will be fulfilling the Plan for Puerto Rico, which we have been developing for four years. In this server you will find a friendly hand,” said Rivera Cruz.

Meanwhile, the designated AACA administrator promised to defend the rights of traffic accident victims who are looking for a less complex service.

“We will look for that efficiency and for the wounded to have quick and excellent service,” said Boria Vizcarrondo.

On another hand, Burdiel Agudo, who has a master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Management and a Master’s in International Relations from Boston University, said that Puerto Rico has a solution and that they will work arduously to take the island out of its crisis.

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