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Rosselló appoints Luis Gerardo Rivera Marín as Secretary of State

By on December 7, 2016

Gerardo Rivera Marín (CB photo/ Limarys Suárez)

Secretary of State-designate Gerardo Rivera Marín (CB photo/ Limarys Suárez)

SAN JUAN – Governor-elect Ricardo Rosselló has named Luis Gerardo Rivera Marín as secretary of the State Department and his second-in-command in the Puerto Rican government.

Rivera Marín, a former Consumer Affairs (DACO) secretary and former Tourism Co. director, was nominated along with the new director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) in Washington, D.C., Carlos Mercader.

Likewise, Rosselló appointed Frances Ortiz Molina as his federal affairs adviser in La Fortaleza.
“We are confident in the ability of each of you to push the best interests of Puerto Rico forward,” the governor-elect said.

The secretary of state-designate expressed gratitude after his appointment and acknowledged that Puerto Rico faces great challenges.

“I am going to be a person who tirelessly watches over your rights, mainly for everyone’s equality. It is up to us in our new reality to reinvent ourselves, and in the Department of State we are going to facilitate that process, to turn Puerto Rico into a facilitating entity, that instead of hindering people’s businesses we make them more agile. There rest the creation of corporations, commercial transactions and we will work much more in reinventing the government of Puerto Rico based on a plan of continuous improvements and to be able to make the State Department be the face of the government before the people,” Rivera Marín said.

For his part the new PRFAA director indicated that he will help in everything Resident Commissioner-elect Jenniffer González Colón needs to implement the governor’s public policy, particularly in ensuring that Puerto Rico is treated equally by the United States.


Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration Director nominee Carlos Mercader, third from right


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