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Rosselló assures having used every option for O’Neill to resign

By on March 16, 2017

SAN JUAN – Eleven days after personally requesting Guaynabo Mayor Héctor O’Neill‘s resignation, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló assured on Thursday that he exhausted all possible constitutional alternatives for the mayor to leave his post.

Therefore, he will wait for the Justice Department (JD) to conclude its investigation to take further action if necessary.

“My request is for him to resign immediately. I believe it is in Guaynabo’s best interest, as well as of the people of Puerto Rico, for him to do it now, but certainly, up until now I have done everything in my constitutional power for the mayor to resign, and above all, to investigate the serious accusations,” the governor said in a press conference.

The governor didn’t offer an opinion on the effort headed by the JD and the Women’s Advocate Office in the sexual harassment case against the Guaynabo mayor, although the complaint took place months ago and didn’t come to light until reports the mayor settled the complaint with $300,000.

The Special Independent Prosecutor’s Office –the only entity that can relieve mayors– and the Government Ethics Office also have investigations underway into O’Neill, who is holding on to his position and insists it is a “private matter.” In the Ethics Office’s case, it is looking into his financial statements to determine where the settlement funds originated, his personal account or the municipality’s.

“[The case] has been referred to Justice and they are working daily,” Rosselló said “When they have a significant development to notify, they will.”

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