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Rosselló: Bernier lacks character and leadership

By on November 2, 2016

(CB photo/ Limarys Suárez)

(CB photo/ Limarys Suárez)

SAN JUAN – The decision by Sen. Mari Tere González to stay in her seat despite her party’s president and gubernatorial candidate having requested she resign has led New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló to call her refusal an example of the lack of character and leadership of his opponent, the Popular Democratic Party’s (PDP) David Bernier.

“Mari Tere is a result of [David Bernier] having asked different things of various people, that he has failed to execute his power; he has called [former House Speaker] Jaime Perelló’s a case that’s closed and won’t be addressed, and amid all these inconsistencies he has no leadership…,” Rosselló said at the end of an event at the Asociación No Videntes Luz de Amor community for the visually impaired Wednesday in Bayamón.

On Bernier’s plea to create a “new majority,” the NPP candidate stressed it was an act of “desperation and frustration.”

“Last week, he said he wouldn’t attack, but dedicated 30 seconds of the debate to specifically attack me. He called on people who would vote for other candidates to vote for him, for no particular reason. I think he lacks coherence. He has always lacked coherence in his messages; this is the great weakness of candidate David Bernier. He tries to escape the reality that he was the second-in-command and in charge of economic development in Puerto Rico, responsible for public-private partnerships, of which zero were done, and in charge, along with Carmen Yulín Cruz, of the Retirement Systems’ Dialogue Committee and absolutely nothing came of it, and in charge of restructuring the government,” he added.

Rosselló insisted that “given the failures of Bernier and lack of coming up with a coherent message,” he recurs to attacks as a strategy and to “desperately” ask for the support of people who don’t see in him “an alternative for Puerto Rico.”

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