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Rosselló Details 112-Day Plan to Bring Liquidity to Gov’t

By on December 23, 2016

SAN JUAN—Faced with a precarious fiscal situation for the Puerto Rico government and a possible lack of liquidity to pay public workers come January, Governor-elect Ricardo Rosselló gave details Thursday about his administration’s plans to address the economic debacle that is only expected to worsen next year.



Rosselló admitted that there is a lack of cash in the central government’s coffers to cover January’s payroll, but added that he is ready for such an eventuality.

“The numbers don’t lie, you have seen that. It’s sad that they have been made public during the last month of the outgoing administration, but when we took on the challenge, I knew the situation was precarious. I decided to take charge, nevertheless, and take responsibility in addressing this issue,” said the governor-elect during an announcement of the newest Cabinet designations in the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in San Juan.

He added that the people must also know how the outgoing administration wasted millions in taxpayer dollars.

“On the one hand, they said they were defending retirees, yet were taking $580 out of their pockets. What was the reason those taxpayer funds were detained, and why government providers did not see that capital?” the governor-elect questioned.

Rosselló went on to say that he has gathered his legislative team and talked to mayors and the New Progressive Party (NPP) leadership to set up a 112-day cation plan in which expenditures related to politically appointed positions would be cut back.

The governor-elect also said he will focus on working out a renegotiation on good faith regarding the terms of the commonwealth debt. “Starting on the day I get sworn in as governor and the Legislature does likewise, we will submit executive orders and facilitate legislation that same week. On January 9, our Legislature has committed itself to not only carry out a protocol ceremony, but also treat it as a normal work day in which a few appointments and some bills will be passed through,” he explained.

Rosselló also announced that on January 10, they will reveal the findings and the complete report from the transition committee. The from January 11 to 14, he will submit legislation proposed by his administration on topics such as public-private partnerships, as well as emergency fiscal measures.

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