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Rosselló in favor of medicinal marijuana

By on October 18, 2016

SAN JUAN — New Progressive Party (NPP) President and gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló revealed Tuesday his proposed public policy to regulate the use of medicinal marijuana.

NPP President and gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló / File

NPP President and gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló / File

During a forum sponsored by Puerto Rico MedCann Biz, Rosselló reiterated he opposes legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes but supports developing medical treatments using products derived from cannabis. If elected, his administration would implement his Research, Regulation and Dispensing of Medicinal Cannabis for Certified Patients Program.

“Once the new regulatory framework is established, it will be adopted as the government’s public policy for medicinal cannabis’ dispensing purposes,” he explained. Among the regulations, the NPP candidate noted that the difference between products derived from cannabis and medicinal hemp products would be established.

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The pro-statehood politician affirmed he is committed to defining a clear legal framework and protections necessary to develop a medicinal cannabis industry so patients can benefit from that type of treatment.

“Puerto Rico can turn into an important center for scientific research of medicinal cannabis products,” he concluded.


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