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Rosselló Intensifies Campaign to Motivate Voters

By on April 10, 2016

SAN JUAN – New Progressive Party gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló announced Sunday that he will intensify his campaign to encourage voters to register during the last week possible to do so before the primary Sunday, June 5.

Voters have until April 16 to register and make changes in case the have changed their address.

Gubernatorial hopeful Ricardo Rosselló Nevares campaigned in Naguabo, Las Piedras and Humacao during the first weekend of February 2016.

“The fundamental principle of democracy is the will of the people. The result of these primaries will define the path out of Puerto Rico’s crisis. So now, more than ever, it is important that all able voters register and participate in the upcoming electoral events,” the politician said.

Over the past two years, Rosselló’s team has been conducting awareness campaigns throughout the island on the importance of voting. This last week, the campaign will be intensified, according to Sunday’s statement.

Rosselló said that through his campaign’s mobile application, voters can access a list of registration centers, adding that his campaign’s use of technology is tied to his proposal to make government services more efficient.

As an expample, he said his “PR.GOV Upgrade” initiative involves a website through which people can access services currently offered by some 500 government offices.

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