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Rosselló Meets with NPP Mayors

By on December 22, 2016

SAN JUAN — Governor-elect Ricardo Rosselló reassured New Progressive Party (NPP) mayors Thursday that the imminent lack of liquidity in the central government in February requires implementing structural changes, and thus he created a workforce that will attend municipalities’ particular problems via legislation.

“The fiscal situation is island-wide. The central government will run out of money in February and we have to tackle it from a much broader perspective. We have to ensure that there isn’t a government collapse and allow services to be provided while restructuring the government at the same time,” said Rosselló.

(Juan J. Rodríguez/CB)

(Juan J. Rodríguez/CB)

As part of the plans related to the municipalities, the governor-elect informed that he created some task forces in Fortaleza that include legislators and are headed by Public Affairs Secretary Ramón Rosario, to work on at least 18 legislative measures.

“We will attend all claims from municipalities, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. We don’t want to do things unilaterally, we want to work with mayors, but we want to do it intelligently with all data before us to see which of these laws will be amended or if there are other initiatives that can be beneficial for our people,” he added.

Rosselló added that he will forge a new government and that the clear goal is to restore Puerto Rico’s credibility in capital markets.

“We will attend the government’s restructuring, and our immediate responsibility is to restore credibility, restore transparency and achieve access to short-term liquidity. We can so that without having to fire public employees. I am always asked how I will reduce agencies and keep the same employees and what we say is that there are government areas that aren’t being addressed and now they will be. Let the people know they have been denied the truth, that we want to define to then take decisions and push Puerto Rico and municipalities forward,” he said.

On another hand, Rosselló added that his administration will audit the Fiscal Oversight Board.

“It is our ministerial obligation to do it, and that is why we have a representative in the Board and that is why we have a governor. The Board is here to ensure that we don’t spend in excess. They could propose some things while we understand there are better alternatives, and that’s how it will be and it says so at the end of the letter, that we will have the power to establish public policy… This government will fight for the people’s best interests. There will be times when we will have our differences and they will be presented, understanding that we are facing a critical situation,” said the governor-elect.

In relation to the second special session cited by Gov. Alejandro García Padilla, Rosselló criticized the decision and said that even Popular Democratic Party (PDP) members oppose it.

“The governor insists to do in his last eleven days what he hasn’t done in four years. Even the governor’s own legislators don’t want to carry out that special [session]. We request him to allow us establish new public policy,” he denounced.

During his meeting with NPP mayors, Rosselló didn’t discuss the vacant seat for the Mayors Federation presidency left by Héctor O’Neill. The elections for this occupation will beheld in Feb. 12 and the candidates are Arecibo Mayor Carlos Molina, Ponce Mayor María “Mayita” Meléndez, and Camuy Mayor Edwin García.

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