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Rosselló Proposals Focus on Reducing Healthcare Costs

By on July 10, 2016

CAROLINA, Puerto Rico – The gubernatorial candidate for the New Progressive Party (NPP), Ricardo Rosselló, on Sunday presented several healthcare proposals that focus on reducing costs to alleviate the system’s crisis.

“The goal is to arrive at a system that is less expensive but healthier, more accessible,” Rosselló said while participating in a gubernatorial candidate forum at the convention of the Puerto Rico Community Pharmacies Association at the Ritz-Carlton, San Juan.

“We have to work with a plan that can guarantee Puerto Rico’s access to healthcare,” he said.

NPP gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló

NPP gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló

The candidate’s proposals focused on development; the protection of human resources; innovation, technology and science; fiscal responsibility; and “tools for equality”; all framed by the effort to achieve the island’s annexation.

Regarding the benefits large corporations enjoy over community pharmacies, he said incentives should be the same for all.

He further spoke of pushing for the Drug Pricing Transparency Act, which some U.S. jurisdictions are trying to implement, so the true cost of drugs is reported amid rising prices, since some “previously cost $10 and now cost $70,” he said.

The party president also proposed buying drugs at “wholesale to be able to deliver them to pharmacies at a lower cost,” adding that his team is looking into a “number of strategies with the goal of having a system that can reach more people.”

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