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Rosselló Proposes Advancing Innovation, Technology

By on February 26, 2016

SAN JUAN — New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial hopeful, Ricardo Rosselló,  presented Friday a series of proposals to encourage economic development and create jobs in Puerto Rico, particularly within the technology and innovation sector.

Ricky Rosello

NPP gubernatorial candidate Ricky Rosselló

In a presentation during the CIO & IT Leadership Conference held Friday at Sheraton Convention Center, Rosselló said that his model of socioeconomic transformation states that the outsourcing the government carries out has to include at least 35% of local information technology companies.

He explained that through its purchases, the government can capitalize on its local industry, encourage the creation of jobs in that sector, and facilitate the collaborations of capacities, experiences and even intellectual property that serve as a base for local companies to export their products and services.

“I trust in local talent and in the private sector to lead the development of innovation and the creation of jobs in Puerto Rico,” said Rosselló.

He added that under his government proposal, he will give preference to the purchase of technological products, whether software or hardware, that are developed or manufactured in Puerto Rico, and that the proposed program will be implemented throughout the contract processes and requirements of all government agencies.

The NPP leader explained that that the government’s purchases from local enterprises can serve as capital for those enterprises to grow and be able to export their products and services, and add additional funds to the economy of Puerto Rico.

“We will also make sure that the best practices are shared, including programs developed between agencies to standardize the different platforms that exist in the government. Just as we cannot have an obsolete system of 118 agencies in the central government, each one with their own departments and processes, we cannot continue proliferating information systems that do not communicate with each other,” Rosselló noted.

He stressed that the integration of different platforms and databases will facilitate the automation of processes for more efficiency and effectiveness. “We cannot continue reinventing the wheel, duplicating efforts, or replacing systems and providers that work because the head of an agency changes or there is a change in administration,” Rosselló said.

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