Thursday, August 13, 2020

Rosselló Proposes Government ‘Credit Exchange’

By on March 12, 2016

SAN JUAN – Following the news about hospitals having their electricity cut due to debts to the Electric Power Authority, Dr. Ricardo Rosselló, gubernatorial candidate for the New Progressive Party, has proposed a government credit exchange in which, “if a supplier does not receive payment [by the government] within 60 days, it can use the debt as payment at another agency.”

The candidate explained that “in the case of hospitals…the truth is these have not paid because the central government has not paid them. Under my proposal, the services paid to the hospital can be used to pay the power bill.”

Rosselló said the proposal goes hand in hand with his concept of government as sole employer. “The citizen and the supplier should not be penalized for the government’s lack of effectiveness. Those who have no money can use this to pay their debts and those who do can invest in the economy and development.”

The initiative, he added, would result in agencies being more careful with their budgets when spending. “This has a major impact on the economy because the cost of doing business in Puerto Rico would be reduced. As part of this proposal, the government would have to pay everything within 90 days or incur penalties. It goes hand in hand with our accountability proposal of ‘full transparency,'” Rosselló added.

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