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Rosselló Seeks Board’s Cooperation in Establishing Tech Office

By on December 29, 2016

SAN JUAN– Puerto Rico Governor-Elect Ricardo Rosselló, asked the President of the Fiscal Supervision Board, José Carrión, on Thursday for the entity’s cooperation in implementing the initiative known as the Puerto Rico of Innovation and Technology Service (Prits).

20160229_mcd_ricardorossello_xa_1The Governor-Elect explained in his letter to the Board that Prits is inspired by the successful federal program Digital Service of the United States, developed under the administration of President Barack Obama.

Rosselló Nevares stated that “Prits is a fundamental step that provides what Puerto Rico needs most: transparency, efficiency and economic development.”

The initiative presented by the governor-elect aims to transform government with technology, the letter stated.

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Rosselló emphasized to the president of the board that “the success of Puerto Rico, in the long term, requires that we work together in order to serve citizens at a lower cost.”

In order to achieve these economies and improve the digital services of the Puerto Rico government, the Rosselló requested the Board to initiate a petition to the United States Digital Service for the purpose of assigning federal government personnel to programs assigned to Prits via multi-year contracts.

Rosselló stated that this program will be important to restore fiscal health and economic development in Puerto Rico.

The Governor-elect’s request to the board follows the appointment of Luis Arocho as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Government of Puerto Rico. “With the objective of channeling greater resources for technology, computer and government modernization projects, the designated CIO, Luis Arocho, will establish communication with the officers of the Digital Service of the United States,” concluded Rosselló Nevares.

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